Atlassian Leadership Team Health Monitor

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Criteria Overview

This rubric is derived from the Atlassian Leadership Team Health Monitor.

Use this health monitor to understand your strengths and weaknesses as a leadership team.

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Criteria Details

Attributes of a healthy team
Balanced team

You have the **right people**, and they know what is expected of them. Team roles are explicit, and **who is accountable** for decisions is well understood. You have the right size team to be effective.

Team cohesiveness

Members proactively provide their experience and insights to make the group more **effective**. There is **trust** and **respect** across the group.

Shared understanding

The team has a **shared vision** and collective **purpose** which they support, and **confidence** they have made the right strategic bets to achieve success.

Value and metrics

The group is clear on their unique value proposition for growing the business and they can **measure** the intended **impact**. **Success** is defined, and measures identified.

Decision making

Decisions are made at the **right level** with an appropriate degree of urgency and discussion in considering both **short and long term** implications, with trade-offs actively considered. Decisions are timely and effectively **communicated**.


Each member stands behind the group's **vision** and **value**, and this is documented in plain English for **other teams** to understand.

Managed dependencies

Clear communication between team members to share insights, knowledge and learning which could lessen risk, complexity, resources, effort, and timelines facing the team. You are viewed as “**easy to do business with**” from your key stakeholders.


The team reflects on, then leverages **lessons learned** and success to make more effective decisions faster. The group is renowned for and has established **patterns** for GSD (Getting $#!T Done).