Atlassian Service Team Health Monitor

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Criteria Overview

This rubric is derived from the Atlassian Service Team Health Monitor.

The service team Health Monitor gets your team to look at the big picture so that, over time, working through the queue will feel less like... well, work.

Use this health monitor to understand your strengths and weaknesses as a service team.

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Criteria Details

Attributes of a healthy team
Team leadership

There is a **team lead** responsible for team performance, communication, defining process ownership and advocating for service improvements both inside and outside of the team.

Balanced team

You have the right **specialist skills** and **experience** with an even distribution of work. The team is empowered to make decisions or escalate where appropriate, and individual service excellence is recognized.

Service mandate

The scope of services offered by the team are **defined** and **documented** with clear success metrics that are communicated and agreed upon with key stakeholders.

Service levels

Service levels for the teams' service mandate are defined and visible to key stakeholders. There is a **queue management**, **categorization**, **prioritization** and **escalation** processes in place to meet service level agreements.

Customer centricity

Team members are skilled at **understanding**, empathizing and **resolving** requests with an effective customer feedback loop in place that drives improvements and builds trust to improve service offerings.

Tools and processes

The team has the necessary tools to deliver on the service mandate. Processes, including those that operationalize new services, are well **documented** and have defined **workflows** and **owners**.

Effective partnerships

Vendors and partners are known, key contracts and relationships are documented with **operational level agreements** established.

Reporting and analytics

The team captures **feedback**, key performance indicators are realistic, valuable and reporting is accessible.