Decison Making Template

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Criteria Overview


This rubric is a template for making robust decision. You can copy this rubric and modify it for the decision you need to make.

To illustrate how this rubric can be used to make decisions, the rubric identifies considerations relating to choosing a new car. The considerations are based on four pillars;- economics, reliability, comfort and cosmetics. The considerations carry different weights to ensure the overall score for each choice factors in the relevant importance of each aspect.

The possible options are identified as separate assessments against the rubric. The average score of each option should then indicate which is the overall best option.

Creating the decision rubric

  1. Copy this rubric to result in a new rubric with the same properties.
  2. Change the "discoverability" of the rubric from "public" to "link" or "private" if you wish to restrict access.
  3. Edit the description with the information relevant to your decision.
  4. Edit the description to remove these instructions (if you wish).
  5. Add the criteria relevant to your decision.
  6. Remove the example template criteria.
  7. Change the "editability" of the rubric to "immutable" when it is ready to be assessed.
  8. Change the scoring scheme of the rubric if you wish.

Assessing options

  1. Create a new assessment corresponding to each possible decision choice.
  2. Complete the assessment for each choice.
  3. Compare the assessments to make the best decision.

Problem Statement

Define the problem clearly in this section.

Background Information

Often it's helpful to provide a background to help set out the context of the decision.

Supporting Data

If relevant data is available, it should be included in the decision making process. You should also link to the data if it is accessible elsewhere.

Criteria Details

Economics: Initial cost

Cost without extras

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Cost with extras

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Economics: Fuel efficiency

City fuel efficiency

Highway fuel efficiency

Reliability: Independent reviews

Independent reviews

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Comfort: Seat fabric

Seat fabric

Comfort: Inside space

Front leg room

Rear leg room

Cargo space

Cosmetics: Color


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