Solar System Project

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Criteria Overview

You will create a project on the 8 planets in our solar system. This project may be a PowerPoint, poster, flowchart, Google Slides, website, Prezi or even a 3D model. You will have until the end of term to work on this project at home. You should be as creative as possible and make sure you have the following bullets in your presentation:

  • Name of each planet (Pluto is not included as it is a dwarf planet)
  • Order number and distance from the sun
  • Surface temperature
  • Surface features
  • Rotation period
  • Revolution period
  • Number of moons
  • Number of rings
  • Atmospheric feature (gases that surround the planet)
  • Size of the planet and is it large/smaller than earth
  • Ability to support life why or why not
  • Two interesting facts about each planet

You will present this project to the class, no matter what type of project you create. Please use this rubric to understand how you will be graded for this project.
Critical thinking questions

  1. Explain the interaction of gravity and inertia that governs the motion of objects in the solar system.
  2. Compare and contrast the characteristics, composition and location of comets, asteroids and meteoroids.
  3. Explain the difference between geocentric and heliocentric, who discovered each and which model do we support today and why.

Note that a newer version of this rubric has been defined to simplify the layout and improve the scoring.

Criteria Details

Oral Presentation

Speaker did not present project.

Speaker had difficulty communicating, depended on listeners for clarification and read from the project with no eye contact made with the audience.

Speaker had little difficulty communicating, appropriate use of vocabulary, only had to repeat a few ideas for clarification and made some eye contact with the audience.

Speaker's message was clearly communicated., vocabulary and grammar were excellent, no clarification needed and made eye contact with the audience.


1 - 4 bullets were included and some items were missing or incorrect.

5 - 8 bullets were included and some items were missing or incorrect.

9 - 11 bullets were included but some items were missing or incorrect.

All 12 bullets were included and were correct.


Project was very basic and showed no creativity.

Some use of colour and attempts at style and design.

Creativity was present but inconsistent. Use of colour, design and style inconsistent throughout project.

Creativity was evident by use of colour, design and style. Visually pleasing to the viewer.


No labels are present, very difficult to find or difficult to read.

Very few labels, difficult to read and information not organised by order of the planets distance from the sun.

Labels are present, able to read most of the information and order was not consistent with the distance from sun.

Labels are clearly present, easy to read and information is organised by the order of the planets distance to the sun.

Critical Thinking Questions

No critical thinking questions were answered.

Critical thinking questions were answered and only one was correct.

Critical thinking questions were answered and 2 were correct.

Critical thinking questions were answered and all 3 were correct.