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If you use for customer relationship management (CRM) or project management, then you will find the Notes app very useful.

When using, it's often necessary to capture information that relates to a board, but not necessarily a single item within the board. In many cases, it's also preferable to have a timeline showing when certain events occurred since this can help provide a mental summary of the history of interactions. This is particularly useful for CRM boards where interactions with prospects and clients occur over time.


The Notes is currently free to use, however, it is possible that pricing will be introduced in the future.

Notes vs Updates

Whilst provides a sidebar that allows updates and other information to be recorded against items, the inspiration behind Notes is for an entire board view providing a user experience dedicated to the capture of historical information relating to a board. The intention is for's updates feature to be used when collaborating on boards items and Notes to keep a log of activity relating to the board.

Notes app sidebar view

Notes is supplementary to's updates. The "updates" feature of is great for collaborating on individual items. Often, however, you may simply need to log information so that you have a record of it for later recall. For example, summaries of phone calls and meetings can be logged in Notes to share with your team members and to remind yourself when you later re-visit the item.

And whilst recording notes against board items is great, sometimes there are events that may apply to multiple items in the board. This is why Notes allows you to log details about activities such as campaigns against special categories that are not item specific.

Notes templates

Using Notes

To use Notes, you must first add it to a board and open the Notes board. These are standard features of so this guide assumes you know how to do that.

When you open the Notes view, you should see your board groups and items, but instead of all items columns, you'll see rows of dates representing days of the month for each item. This representation allows you to associate notes with both an item and a specific date.

To add a note against an item, identify the calendar row corresponding to the item and the calendar column corresponding to the date. Click on the intersection of the calendar row and column and you will see the Notes sidebar open. With the Notes sidebar open, click on the "Create a new note" button.

You should now see a form allowing a new note to be entered. At the top is a tollbar allowing you to enter a topic for the note. You can also change the date of the note here. The main area of the form is where you enter the note.

Initially the note is in a mode requesting a template to start with. Templates help create notes faster and more consistently with one another. The templates provided so far include:

Once you select and apply a template, you can edit the content of the note. The note editor provides standard formatting capabilities. There is no save button because the notes are automatically saved as you type.

You can also assign statuses to your notes. The status doesn't affect the note in any way, but they are useful for conveying state to others. The interpretation of note statuses is team, topic and context dependent, however, some basic interpretations are provided below:



Notes does not transmit any data beyond All data is stored using the storage API so you know it is secure. Also see our Privacy Policy.

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