Roobrick app for launched their app framework in early 2020 and recently graduated it out of beta. The framework allows third party content to be embedded in as either views or widgets.

The new Roobrick app for provides a view allowing board items to be assessed against rubrics.

The following video explains the app's capabilities:

Here are some more examples explaining how Roobrick can be used with board Roobrick view Roobrick rubric
Track OKRs Assess the quality with which each OKR is defined. OKR Writing Guide
Employee career development Review the strengths and weaknesses of each employee Employee Development
Keep a log of your team's health Team health analysis Project, service or leadership team health monitor
Decisions Compare decision options Custom rubric using Roobrick's decision wizard

If you're a user already, you can simply click on the following button to add the app:

Add to



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